This year too, we would like to honor the most interesting CGW KRAKERS exhibition!


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The competition is open for galleries, formal and informal groups as well as initiatives included in the main events’ program of the gallery weekend.
Our goal is to distinguish progressive implementations that are at a high level in the substantive, audio-visual or performative respect. One of the criteria will also be a reference to the main theme of this year’s edition of KRAKERS 2018: CHANGE.

The competition will be divided into two stages:

The first stage is a vote among the audience and participants of CGW KRAKERS 2018
By means of an online survey available at you will be able to vote for the exhibition that impressed you the most! We have prepared book prizes for selected voters*.

The survey will be accessible from April 20, 2018, 4.00 p.m. The voting will be closed on May 5, 2018 at 18.00 p.m. 5 exhibitions that will have received the largest number of votes will go through to stage II.

The second stage will entail a jury debate chaired by Agnieszka Janowska-Marzec (Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow)

The second stage will set off with the deliberations of a jury led by Agnieszka Janowska-Marzec (AFA in Krakow). From among the five exhibitions best-evaluated by the audience, the jury will choose the winner of the “2000+” contest. The results will be announced by May 9, 2017.

The prize for the galleries – BIDS UP:

We raise the stakes: the winners will receive a PLN 2,000 prize sponsored by Bonarka City Center + a package of services at the portal.

Prizes for the voters:

For the voters, we have also prepared prizes in the form of books about art and culture, as well as limited KRAKERS goods. Stay tuned! 



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Regulamin Konkursu 2000+.pdf


The winners of the previous edition of the competition:

“Avant-Garde and things like that” Anna Sudoł feat. Weronika Krupa – Potencja Gallery

“The Award for Potencja Gallery taking a look at historical avant-garde from the point of view of the Millennials in a witty and unorthodox manner, for ‘de-browning’ Avant-Garde heroes, for the use the selfie as a modern social communication tool, also used in visual arts”.

Agnieszka Jankowska-Marzec (Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow)

Previous edition: 1000+ Competition+