Dear Sir or Madam,

The program of Cracow Gallery Weekend improves each year, but its main purpose remains the same – it is to integrate events presenting contemporary art into the city’s cultural offer. At the same time, we aim to give it an international character. We are aware that the success of our actions depends strongly on cooperation with professional and solid partners who appreciate the value of our project and realize the importance of further development of the artistic community in Krakow.

As Cracow Gallery Weekend we have effective promotional tools. We take care to mark our sponsors’ presence in all promotional materials – in prints, on our websites, in promotional spots, newspaper ads and in the media campaign on the radio. Depending on the financial commitment, we offer the appropriate title (Strategic Partner, Main Sponsor, Patron of the Project, Sponsor) with the right to use it for your own advertising purposes. Particular attention will be paid to your guests, granting them special assistance during the events. All promotional activities related to our sponsors will be detailed in a special report.

We kindly invite you to cooperation.
Organizers of Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS